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So often the media report negative drone stories along the lines of “such and such event disrupted by selfish drone flyer“, or “reports of drones peeping though your curtains” and other such stuff. Whilst the first has happened undoubtedly, the second as any flyer knows is pure paranoid fiction.

Anyway, there is a good news story today out of NSW – Moruya on the south coast to be exact. Apparentyl, a man and a young lad were out in their tinnie when rough seas tipped them into the briny at the mouth of the Tuross River – which is miles from any road and only accesible by air or foot.

Local drone flyer Maree Jackson’s expertise  was called in, and she soon spotted the words “help” written in the sand allowing parademics to get to the location on foot, and the Westpac helicopter to airlift the man to Canberra Hospital.

He is in a serious but stable condition while the boy was taken to Moruya Hospital in a stable condition.

According to the ABC News website, Ms Jackson said, “I’m glad I was able to spot these two people as soon as we could”.

“Even though it took a while to get to them, it was good to get the help, because we don’t know what would have happened or how long they would have laid there.

“I just hope that they’re all fine.”

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