Avatar: The Way of the Water. How to make an Avatar film.

Av atar: The Way of the Water

I have dealt with Borisfx since w-a-y back in the late 90s. I first came across their products at a trade show in Sydney’s Darling Harbour where I had also been asked to speak about the then, new, Maxon Cinema 4D modelling and motion graphics 3D program.

For those not aware, Boris (names after Boris Yamnitsky the founder), published a suite of plugins for Adobe, AVID and OFX based video editors, as well as for After Effects.

Later, it also created its own variation of After Effects called Boris Red which I fell in love with. There was an Australian connection too, as Aussie Phillip Hodgetts was involved in its development via the Help system.

Since that time, Borisfx has grown exponentially is now one of THE major forces in the motion picture industry for effects, colour correction and other tools.

Last night there was a special screening of an Art of the Cut chat with famed Steve Hullfish who was talking to the editing team from Avatar: The Way of Water, currently nominated for four Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best VFX, Best Sound, and Best Production Design).

It is now available for others to view and well worth the effort to see just how it all works behind the scenes.

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