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Paul Rogers has only edited two films and is now an Academy Award winner! (He also has one of my favorite friend meet-cute stories of all time.)

“I think, in a big way, the role of an editor is to be a kind of barometer of truth. Empathy was something that we discussed a lot on this film. One of the goals of the film was if people come out of this with a greater sense of empathy, that would be a huge success.

Go behind the scenes of the editing process with our top ten quotes from Paul’s Art of the Cut interview, and find out how he became fast friends with the Daniels.

Although the visual effects team wasn’t directly nominated for their work, they left an undeniable mark. Friend Zak Stoltz was the first member of the team and acted as a first-time VFX Supervisor. Stoltz, a director/VFX artist, and long-time Mocha user assembled the rest of the small crew (also VFX artists/directors). Together five main artists tackled over 80% of the visual effects shots from beginning to end inside Adobe After Effects.

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